Tomfoolery Card

This modest 700 sq. ft. space is headquarters to the Toronto-based design studio, SMITTEN KITTEN, and her pet project, I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU.

I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU is a gift shop, a gallery, a design studio and a sweat shop rolled into one. You could call it a concept store, but we don't.

The gift shop and gallery part of the project, operates at the front of the space. It is where we peddle crush-worthy products made by fellow designers, artists and niche brands. We like to bring in items with a good story, that are designed by good people for good purposes. Sometimes we bring in things because they are odd. Odd is also good.

The design studio and sweat shop part of our business, SMITTEN KITTEN, operates from the back of the space. It's where we design, create and ship our own brand of products to independent retailers worldwide.

Guests are welcome to spend time and interact with both the products we carry and the people who work here. We hope you enjoy your time spent at I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU, as much as we enjoyed your visit.